Obama Care/Veteran’s

With this bullshit in Washington DC I feel I got to go off topic again. Especially after getting blown off by my districts republican represented when I tried to contact her to express my concerns over her vote of 9/20/2013.

First let me tell you a true story. There was an auto accident and the veteran was severely injured. To the point of requiring full life support measures. He ended his hospital stay after three months. He left the hospital with tremendous medical bills not covered by his insurance. Fortunately he recovered.

Now here is the interesting part. During the 1st weeks he was in the hospital it was determined that he was a veteran without insurance. The intensive care hospital he was in began gearing up to transfer him to the local veteran’s hospital despite his medical needs.
Make no mistake, the Veteran’s hospital he was to be sent to would have gone to the bloody wall to save his life. However they just did not have the equipment or the skilled personnel needed to save his life.

He was fortunate, his younger brother discovered he had medical insurance and was able to prove it to the hospital. With the proof of insurance the doctors and nurses were cut loose and they saved his life. I wonder if he was wealthy would he had such problems.

I have to wonder if under Obama care would there have been such difficulty. I believe doctors and nurses should not have their hands bound by the insurance companies/hospital corporation’s profit margins. Saving lives should not be attached to the pocket book.

Another thing is the $40 billion cut from food stamps. A lot of republicans say that some sort of workfare will replace the food stamp program. All right where is it? Also it would make the lazy takers get off their butts and go out and find work. Okay, where are the jobs?

A lot of Veteran’s still waiting, years and years, for the benefits promised after agreeing to serve and protect our country. With Their combat damaged health preventing them from getting and keeping jobs. What little savings they had before answering their nations call are gone. Not to mention just keeping a roof over their heads. Having been forced onto food stamps they are now being told, ‘You know what, we are going to slow down getting your benefits even more and those food stamps you need to feed your kids so sorry those are gone too.’

Side-Note: Contrary to popular belief going to the PX costs money. Just not as much as a civilian store. The only benefit going to the PX is there are no taxes groceries and clothing sold there.

Missouri was the beginnings of a good plan. Families and individuals in need of aid must give back about 25 hours of service per week. This allows aide recipient to keep their pride and have the time to find a job.

Next week I’ll talk about Small Claims court costs.

Lawyer & Money 5

Once again, I am not a lawyer, I am a paralegal. Also when a lawyer or a paralegal become your problem becomes an issue.

Getting back to Virtual Firms. When the intake form you filled out online has been downloaded, and has been be evaluated by a paralegal or lawyer. One of 3 things will happen after the evaluation. 1st a paralegal may call you asking for more information about your issue, 2nd a receptionist will call you to set up an appointment with the firm lawyer that is best equipped to deal with your issue, Last if your issue is something like Incorporation, a paralegal will be in contact with you to gather the needed information to correctly create the Incorporation forms after which the forms will be either mailed, faxed or emailed to you. Also, the paralegal will give you the instructions on how to make sure the form is correctly filed when you get to the courts. You will still need to deal with the court costs and filing fees. A lot of Legal documents like Incorporation, a Will, bankruptcy discharge do not become real until they are registered with the court. Unfortunately these fees vary from city to city and state to state. Just wait until I start getting into the money you will need when you and your lawyer actually go to the court house.

Side-Note: The web-site legalzoom specializes as a 3rd type law firm.

Okay, I’ve covered some of the personal expenses faced by your lawyer. I’ve also touched on the support staff used by law firms. I should include the tech support personal your lawyer will need people to keep all the computers and other tech. up and running. I have yet to hear of or meet a judge willing to accept ‘Oh, yeah we had a computer crash’ as a valid excuse. Let’s not forget about the contract support personal like accountants and investigators. All these people want to get paid.
There is additional support personal like experts in different types of evidence that will have to be paid for. Which, I will be getting deeper into later. In the mean time let’s talk about office costs.
Just renting an office costs a small fortune. Let’s say you’ve gone to a small firm located in an older building. Your firm has only 2 or 3 lawyers and only needs about 500 square feet. Smaller than the apartments many people live in. The landlord is a real nice guy and is changing your lawyers only $10 per square foot. Not a lot of money huh?
Well that comes out to $5000 a month and your lawyers haven’t even turned on the power yet. Next worry, equipment for the office. Desks, chairs, filing cabinets and the potted plant. All of which costs money too and I haven’t got into the technology yet.
That’s why a lot of independents work from home. They take over one of the bedrooms or basement and build their office there.
See you Next week


Forgive me as I go off topic this week. After last week’s post on Captain Ed, I have seen a few political shows commenting briefly, very briefly, on the number of veterans that have wound up in jail.

Side-Note: Check out the Rachel Maddox show she seems willing to take on subjects one else wants to touch. Like American debtors prisons in 2013.

These veterans were charged with everything from simple robbery, sex crimes to out and out, rage murders. No one can seem to understand how or why these men and women are now in jail.

I don’t understand the confusion. After all we’re are talking about men and women who spent the last 10 years in a world where the time to think and evaluate a possible threat simply doesn’t exist. Combat is a world where ‘threats eliminate threats or somebody dies’ is 1st rule of survival.  Combat is a world where every Stranger either a new friend or somebody who wants to kill you, no shades of gray. The shades gray that’s a part of the mundane world is exceptionally rare in combat.  Imagine standing in line to buy groceries and the person ahead of gets mad at the cashier. Three or four things are gonna happen, anything from a few angry words, to a cop arresting the unhappy customer.  Now in combat world you’re at a local shop were you just brought something than somebody walks in and starts screaming. A bomb goes off.

In the movie ‘My Cousin Vinnie’ staring Joe Pesci. There is a sub-plot to the story, Joe Pesci’s search for a good night’s sleep. It took a full-blown prison riot for him sleep peacefully. Funny huh?   Not if this is your normal world.

Now you come home after 10 years of living in combat world.  You get a day maybe two out processing and then you are back in the mundane world where every skill you’ve learned, every instinct you’ve developed staying alive is now bad.  Plus you are told those benefits, especially the medical benefits, we promised you for your service, don’t worry you’ll get them when we get around to it. No worries.  In the mean time you are on your own.

Oh yeah, thank you for your service to our country, you are a hero.

How would you feel? Think about it, you’ve just spent the last 10 years risking your life, watching friends and co-workers killed. Your home-coming is a pat on the head and being told now go be normal. Just like a 9-year-old being told to go out and play.

Is it any wonder these veteran’s have a hard time adjusting to the mundane normal world. We learned nothing from Vietnam War, except to sound nicer to our veterans.

Well that is my vent.  As a veteran, this is something that really matters to me.

Next week, I’ll continue with money& lawyers I’m will be getting into the costs of practicing law.

Side Note: part 2

As I said before, please remember when a lawyer becomes involved your problem becomes an issue and that I am a paralegal not a lawyer.
The P.T.F.A. was signed into law May 21, 2009. Prior to P.T.F.A. a tenant could be evicted from a property with as little as 24 hour notice if the property owner was forced into foreclosure. Even if the tenant had a lease and was paying the rent on time every month, the eviction could happen. Under P.T.F.A. if a property is forced into foreclosure, the Bankruptcy Trustee or new owner is required to maintain the property as is for the remaining duration of the longest current lease term.
For example, in a multi-tenant property where renter 1 has a 6 month lease and another renter has a 2 year lease, the property must be maintained for the 2 years. However, the tenant with the 6 month lease could still be forced to move when their 6 month lease expired. All amenities promised in the lease, like utilities being included in the rent must be maintained duration of the lease.
Month to month tenants were also included in the order. Under the P.T.F.A a month to month tenant will have 90 days if they are ordered to vacate the property.
Just so you know under executive order section 8 and H.U.D. subsidies where to be considered as leases under the P.T.F.A.
Of course, you have to prove that you have maintained your end of the lease with rent receipts and a hardcopy of your lease.
Now P.T.F.A. was original set to expire December 2012. P.T.F.A. was renewed in April 2013 under Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act H.R. 4173. Extending the termination date to midnight December 2014. So as you can see, an executive order might very well be a great quick but very temporary fix to a problem. A permanent lasting fix still has to go through the usual channels. At least while we are still pretending to live in a democratic country not a plutocracy.
Side-Note: Barnett “Barney” Frank (born March 31, 1940) United States House of Representatives Massachusetts from 1981 to 2013. I believe he was instrumental in getting this added to the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. I would very much like to see him in the senate I think he would create a lot of problems for the idiots in the senate.
I know there has been a lot of hoopla over the number of executive orders President Obama has made. Just so you know, I would like to point out, according to the federal register President Obama has only made 151 executive orders compared to President G.W. Bush’s 300.
Excuse me for getting a little political but I am human after all.

Next week we will pick up with why lawyers are so interested in money.