Veteran’s Day

As you have probably have guessed this is going to be another opinion piece.

This Veteran’s day I have spent it watching news and television shows honoring Veterans.  I saw stories of men and women black, white, brown and asain. Men and Women who when asked placed themselves at risk to protect our way of life. Even after finding out they were lied to by their leaders, finding out there was no threat kept their promise to our country and stayed on duty.  Male and female soldiers grievously wounded but able to run away, who stayed and fought off deadly attacked to protect friends and fellow soldiers who could no longer protect themselves.

A White brother who gave up his life to protect a fallen Black brother.  A Black sister who risked all to rescue a trapped Asian brother.  A Brown brother who led the charge bringing relief to soldiers cut off. A pilot who risks death and court martial to fly into heavy enemy fire to rescue dying solders. A nurse who fights off an attack to protect wounded soldiers placed in her care. The rescue of an enemy child.

A pundit once said the first thing a real soldier gives up to survive combat is the ability to see skin color. The only color a true soldier who tasted combat can see is the green.

When you choose to become a soldier promises are made. Promises of help in finding a good paying job after you put away your gun. Promise of education to make your dream a reality. Promises of help in buying the home of your dreams.  A promise that while you risk all for your country, your loved one and your children will be cared for. Promise that there will be help in making the educational dreams of your children real.  Promises of help dealing with the physical pain of combat. Promise of help of adapting to the world after surviving your combat injuries. Promises of help in dealing with the emotional pain of war. Promises of help in living with the horrors of war.

Only to be told when you get off the plane and set down your weapon. All those promises your country made, ‘we will get around to them eventually. It may take 3 maybe 4 years for us to keep those promises but we will get to them. No worries.’   ‘In the mean time you are on your own.’

Then to be told “Thank you for your service you are such a hero.”

Now two or three years into patient waiting for those promises to be kept. With 1.6 million veterans and their families without medical insurance, 1.4 million veterans and their families now homeless. With millions more veteran families barely surviving on food stamps.

Now the Tea party republicans is the house of representatives who have never spent a day in uniform, never risked or worked for anything are saying ‘you know keeping those promises is going to cost just too much so we shouldn’t keep those promises’, ‘Oh yeah, food stamps cost too much money so we should cut food stamps but not the million dollar subsides to million dollar hobby famers. Those subsidies are just too important to cut sorry about that.”

Obama Care/Veteran’s

With this bullshit in Washington DC I feel I got to go off topic again. Especially after getting blown off by my districts republican represented when I tried to contact her to express my concerns over her vote of 9/20/2013.

First let me tell you a true story. There was an auto accident and the veteran was severely injured. To the point of requiring full life support measures. He ended his hospital stay after three months. He left the hospital with tremendous medical bills not covered by his insurance. Fortunately he recovered.

Now here is the interesting part. During the 1st weeks he was in the hospital it was determined that he was a veteran without insurance. The intensive care hospital he was in began gearing up to transfer him to the local veteran’s hospital despite his medical needs.
Make no mistake, the Veteran’s hospital he was to be sent to would have gone to the bloody wall to save his life. However they just did not have the equipment or the skilled personnel needed to save his life.

He was fortunate, his younger brother discovered he had medical insurance and was able to prove it to the hospital. With the proof of insurance the doctors and nurses were cut loose and they saved his life. I wonder if he was wealthy would he had such problems.

I have to wonder if under Obama care would there have been such difficulty. I believe doctors and nurses should not have their hands bound by the insurance companies/hospital corporation’s profit margins. Saving lives should not be attached to the pocket book.

Another thing is the $40 billion cut from food stamps. A lot of republicans say that some sort of workfare will replace the food stamp program. All right where is it? Also it would make the lazy takers get off their butts and go out and find work. Okay, where are the jobs?

A lot of Veteran’s still waiting, years and years, for the benefits promised after agreeing to serve and protect our country. With Their combat damaged health preventing them from getting and keeping jobs. What little savings they had before answering their nations call are gone. Not to mention just keeping a roof over their heads. Having been forced onto food stamps they are now being told, ‘You know what, we are going to slow down getting your benefits even more and those food stamps you need to feed your kids so sorry those are gone too.’

Side-Note: Contrary to popular belief going to the PX costs money. Just not as much as a civilian store. The only benefit going to the PX is there are no taxes groceries and clothing sold there.

Missouri was the beginnings of a good plan. Families and individuals in need of aid must give back about 25 hours of service per week. This allows aide recipient to keep their pride and have the time to find a job.

Next week I’ll talk about Small Claims court costs.