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About Your ParaLegal

Matthew L. Earnest
Columbia, MO 65202
Fax: 720-221-0506


Associate of Science degree Paralegal Studies: Community College of Denver, Denver Colorado


My interest in Law comes from two events in my life.  In the 90’s I was arrested for crime that not only did not commit and did not have the means to commit.  It took me 2 years to get that mess successfully resolved.  My name was cleared.

A  Family number faced a serious problem. The Family member was being denied something her husband had worked hard for and richly deserved. He died while the matter was being fought in the courts.   The lawyer in question resolved in my family members favor.

Legal Work History

As an independent paralegal I have performed 2 low level bankruptcies. My clients had little assets and a whole lot of debt. Plus a couple social security appeals and I have assisted on a Medicaid appeal.

I have also handled online intake for a Family Law Firm.

Working for lawyers I have handled client intake, and Admin-Law investigations.
Employment History
2011 to 2012 Student Volunteer C.O.P.R.I.G
Homeless & Hunger Campaign
2009 to 2011 Student College Paralegal
Studies Program
Denver Co
2002 Violations Verification E470 Toll-Highway
Aurora Co 80018
1998 Ward Secretary Veteran’s Medical Center Denver CO 80220

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