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Getting a Green Card?

With what is going on in Texas and Arizona, I have decided to explore Immigration Law. Besides, I think most of you know my real reason for becoming so concerned about what happens to ‘just a few damn illegals’; SO,
As before I am a paralegal, I am not a lawyer. My articles are in no way intended to be, to be taken as, construed for or mistaken for legal advice. This is legal information only. Intended to equip you ask the best questions. Questions, you need to get the best help from your lawyer. Let’s not forget that when a lawyer of a paralegal becomes involved your problem becomes an ISSUE.
One of the areas I want to get into, is why so many people are using the backdoor trying to get into America. Instead of using the quote front door.
First thing, I found out is the sheer cost. It will cost an immigration applicant as much as $30,000 in fees to get a Green Card. This of course is spread out over the 180 days it is supposed to take to accomplish all the requirements needed to get a Green Card. That is if you complete all the assigned tasks get all the paper work filled out correctly the 1st time.
I have talked to a number of lawyers and they tell me it is extremely difficult to make it through getting a Green Card. It seems that Green Card applicants are faced with there are a lot of seemingly deliberate and not quite accidental set of the obstacles.
All right, let’s start with notifications. An applicant is supposed to receive a letter letting them know when and where to report, to get fingerprinted or when they can see a judge etc. Now according to Amin Law; I have read notification letter is supposed to arrive in plenty of time for an applicant to prepare for and accomplish a task listed in the letter. You know Locate the office were they have to be, get the day off work, hire a babysitter, whatever. Just so you know some applicants are living a considerable distances from any of Immigration’s scattered offices.
Now for the bad news, I have been told by several lawyers that applicants are getting their notification letters with as little as 24hr notice. Sometimes the day of and even the day after an applicant was supposed to appear.
Now, if a Green Card applicant fails to appear for any court room appearances, or misses or is late for any of appointment they were ‘notified’ of with staff and or contract examiner their application is automatically dismissed. To begin the process all over, including paying all those fees all over again.
Just so you know all the application, processing and finger printing background check fees are lost. Forcing the applicant to start the entire process over from the beginning.
Next time I will try to explore some of the changes to Immigration Law since 1940

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