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Living Wills II

Here we are yet again. I am a Paralegal not an Attorney. So this is in no way to be taken as legal advice. This is legal information only. Also when a Lawyer or Paralegal becomes involved your problem becomes an ISSUE.

It is possible to write a Living Will on your own. Once again this depends your assets and your dependents. If you have a house or there are children involved, anything you’re even remotely worried about. Or say an overly protective big brother who always seems to believe he knows what is better for you then you do. YOU NEED A LAWYER.

Now to get started there are a series of questions you need to answer before you can build a Living Will.

1st Appointing an Agent: Who are you going to saddle with the responsibility of seeing to your medical needs when you cannot? It is a good idea to have 1 or 2 back up agents’ choices who will take charge when your primary agent is out-of-town.

Just so you know in a well set up Living Will if one of your backup choices do have to take charge because your 1st choice is out of action. Your primary agent can step in and take over if and or when they do become available.

2nd Life Sustaining Treatment: What kind of treatments or measures you want your agent and or your doctors to use. Can they use life support machines, if they can what kind of machines can they use. If your heart stops while you’re in a hospital or having some major kind of treatment should they try or how much effort your medical support should use to get your heart started if it stops. You even have a say if they could do a blood transfusion or not.

3rd Pain and Euthanasia: What kind and how much pain management is okay? If the Doctor says you are in a vegetative state, or your chances of recovery are non-existent can your agent tell the medical support personal to take you off life support and let you go?

4th Organ Donation: Do you want to allow any part of your body to be used? I am talking about Heart, Lung, Eye transplants.

5th Additional Agent Powers: This is In addition to your covering medical needs. What other things do you want your agent to handle? Do you want to have additional agents handling different responsibilities?

With the number of people who have lost and are losing their unemployment benefits because according to crazy republicans, they are just too lazy to go out and get jobs that don’t exist. That people who get unemployment insurance believe that living off $900 a month is so much better than the $5000 a month they had 8 to 9 months ago.

Next week I will start talking about what crazy republicans consider an evil and very bad thing. BANKRUPTCY.

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