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Affordable Care Act or Obama Care

I am going off topic this week.  I did some checking and this is what I found out about the Obama Care that has got the Tea Party republicans so upset.  I got this information from the US.Gov website.

After listening to the replicons. I would like to know the difference between an IRS agent making decisions about my health care versus a Corporation Accountant. The only difference I can think of is the IRS agent will decided if I live or die based on if I got the paperwork right. The corporate account will decide based on how much saving my life will cost the stock holders.

In Missouri, people with Medicare saved nearly $142 million on prescription drugs because of the Affordable Care Act.  In 2012 alone, 75,201 individuals in Missouri saved over $49 million, or an average of $650 per beneficiary.  In 2012, people with Medicare in the “donut hole” received a 50 percent discount on covered brand name drugs and 14 percent discount on generic drugs.  And thanks to the health care law, coverage for both brand name and generic drugs will continue to increase over time until the coverage gap is closed.  Nationally, over 6.6 million people with Medicare have saved over $7 billion on drugs since the law’s enactment.

The health care law extends the life of the Medicare Trust Fund by ten years.  From 2010 to 2012, Medicare spending per beneficiary grew at 1.7 percent annually, substantially more slowly than the per capita rate of growth in the economy.  And the health care law helps stop fraud with tougher screening procedures, stronger penalties, and new technology. Over the last four years, the administration’s fraud enforcement efforts have recovered $14.9 billion from fraudsters.  For every dollar spent on health care-related fraud and abuse activities in the last three years the administration has returned $7.90.

The health care law increases the funding available to community health centers nationwide. In Montana, 17 health centers operate 89 sites, providing preventive and primary health care services to 101,406 people.  Health Center grantees in Montana have received $36,081,463 under the health care law to support ongoing health center operations and to establish new health center sites, expand services, and/or support major capital improvement projects.

Community Health Centers in all 50 states have also received a total of $150 million in federal grants to help enroll uninsured Americans in the Health Insurance Marketplace, including $1,477,139 awarded to Montana health centers.   With these funds, Montana health centers expect to hire 27 additional workers, who will assist 14,341 Montanans with enrollment into affordable health insurance coverage.

By the Numbers: Uninsured Montanans who are eligible for coverage through the Marketplace.

•185,904 (22%) are uninsured and eligible

•150,978 (81%) have a full-time worker in the family

•69,786 (38%) are 19-34 years old

•138,248 (74%) are White

•1,546 (1%) are African American

•7,439 (4%) are Latino/Hispanic

•1,673 (1%) are Asian American or Pacific Islander

•101,567 (55%) are male

Nest week I will talk about court costs and Probate

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