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As usual when a Lawyer becomes involved your problem or concern becomes an issue. Please remember I am not a lawyer at least not yet, I am a paralegal.
Side-note: Just so you know a presidential directive is a type of executive order, except a presidential directive is limited to national security issues. Everything from the deployment of our forces overseas, to the handling of our nuclear arms is included in the presidential directives. There are presidential directives that focus on the United States administration of occupied countries. Also how we send supplies and equipment to our allies in other countries. As I said before a presidential directive is subject to the same restrictions as a full presidential executive order.
Okay to work than. Why are lawyers so concerned about money, because it is bloody hinderingly expensive to get a license to practice law. Not to mention the expenses your lawyer has just to practice law. Getting things filed with the courts will cost you, in a civil issue getting a jury will cost you, serving a summons will cost you, a court reporter will cost you, Whooooaa Deeep Breath. Damn, I hate getting wound up.
Let’s start at the beginning shall we. You have just gotten a B.A or Baccarat Degree. Congratulations well done. However, if you went to a public college you just spent $7000; if you went to a private college you’ve spent $30,000. That is if you didn’t buy any books, supplies or eat, wore the exact same cloths for the 4 years and slept in a ditch during the 4 years.
Side-Note; just so you know where I got my A.A.S (associate of applied science) degree in paralegal studies there were 3 colleges sharing the same campus. The campus consisted of a private 4 year college, a public 4 year college and a 2 year community college. While I was there, I was talked into spending some time working in a homeless shelter kitchen; I met 20 fellow students who lived there. They were forced into living there because every single dime they could beg, borrow or steal had to go for tuition and books.
Now like I said, you’ve got you Baccalaureate yeah! Good for you! Well done! Next, the all important L.S.A.T. or The law school admission test. A test that is only given 4 times a year. Just to take the L.S.A.T is going to cost you roughly $200. How will you do on that test determines which schools will at least look at your application? Doesn’t mean the school you applied to will let you in only that they will look at your application. There is no getting around it, the better your L.S.A.T. score the higher level law school you can apply too.
There are 5 levels of law school or classes of law school. Level 1 would be Harvard or Yale.

To be continued

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