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Finding a Lawyer???

If you are reading this because you think you might need a lawyer, you know what, you probably do.  The trick is in finding a lawyer with the skills and knowledge to meet your Issue needs.  It doesn’t matter what your problem or concern is, when your lawyer becomes involved your problem becomes an Issue.  So, like I said the trick is going to be finding a lawyer that can handle your Issue. A good example is the movie ‘The Firm’ starring Gene Hackman and Tom Cruise, do you remember the army of lawyers that invaded Tom Cruises’s office when he was studying for the Bar Exam. You see, each and every one of those lawyers specialized in a different area of law.   So you see there are a lot of different kinds out there. Some people say maybe too many. But you know what; these same braincases scream the loudest that there isn’t enough when they need a lawyer. First, let’s talk about the General Practioners.  Literally these lawyers are the jack of all trades and the master of none. Unfortunately, the General Practioners are becoming as scarce as hens-teeth. Who knows maybe Paralegals will evolve to take over that job like the R.N has evolved into the Nurse Practioner. Then there are Lawyers who specialize in different areas of Law. There are lawyers who only deal with tax law, and there are lawyers who only handle domestic Issues. There are lawyers that deal with real-estate and landlord, tenant Issues. There are lawyers who only deal with the sports and entertainment industry. There are those that only deal with intellectual property. Just so you know imtellalectual property is mostly about writers, computer program writers and inventors.  Next are Civil Law Lawyers who deal with rights and equality Issues.  Then there are Criminal Lawyers who handle everything from traffic tickets to murder. Let’s not forget Bankruptcy lawyers, much needed if you get behind the financial 8-Ball. Side-note, Bankruptcy is not cure all. There are some things you cannot bankrupt out of, like child support, student loans and back taxes. There is of course the almost infamous Personal Injury Lawyers.  Side-note here, most of personal injury lawyers are genuinely out to help. Then we get into the sub-specialties, like domestic lawyers that only deal with a child custody or support Issue. Side-note, you do not want to be on the wrong side of these lawyers. The ones I have met and dealt with will quite gleefully rip your financial throat out if you are shafting a child.  There are Tax Lawyers who only handle international tax laws. A new sub-specialty being added to Family Law. This is Elder Law. Elder Law is focused on the services and legal needs of our ever growing senior population.  Especially, your rights and responsibilities toward your Elder. Side-note, did you know if you accept guardianship and or conservatorship of your parent without prober legal preparation and your parent dies in debt you could be legally responsible for that debt.

Never ever, ever forget that few, very few Collection Agencies’ play fair.  Just ask the Illinois woman who went to jail for a medical bill that the hospital told her she did not owe.  She didn’t even know she was taken to court over this until her arrest.

Confused just wait until I start talking about Firms.


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