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Hello World I am a Paralegal not a Lawyer

Hurumph!!  Getting this figure’d out and up and running was not as easy as the books say it is.

Okay, let’s take   care of this up front.  I am not a lawyer! I am a paralegal/legal assistant. I even earned a college degree that says I am. So what follows is in no way to be taken as, construed as, intended to be, or mistaken for legal advice. This is legal information only!!!

This blog’s intention is to answer at least some of your questions about our legal system. I will also be getting into a lot of our different laws. Especially admin-laws which cover things like medi-care, v.a. benefits and social security.  I want to equip you with information that you may need to make best use of and take full advantage of our legal system.

Let’s get things rolling then.

You will be seeing a new post every week.   To start with, I will be talking about the different kinds of lawyers. There are so very many different kinds of lawyers.  There are an incredible number of Law firms out there and each one unique.  Then, I will start going into how to find help as close to you budget as possible.  Then I will get into the work on you need to do before you sit down with your new lawyer.  This blog is to equip you with what you need to ask your lawyer the questions he or she needs to hear.  You see your lawyers are restricted by the questions you actually say not what you meant.  What can realy be frustrating is when you try to get your client to ask the questions you need to hear and they won’t listen.

See you next week

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